Re: NANFA-- hmmm.... The Conclusion.

Todd Crail (
Tue, 20 May 2003 16:56:09 -0400

There's a great fish story in all of this too...

So I'm out there just catching white bass after white bass when I hook into
something much different and much larger. Felt like a hangup at first.
POP! The line busts off at the reel <grrr> Very strange. So after a few
choice words, dismay and a retie, I'm back at it.

About an hour and half later, same scenario... Suspected hangup that starts
to swim, only this time I get this fish. It was a large Quillback
Carpsucker (Carpiodes cyprinus) which would have weighed in at about 5 lbs.

The kicker? It was the same danged fish!

There it was, florescent red floating jig head with the last of my flo
green/yellow Powerbait tails (I had to switch to red/yellow then), sinkers
and about 30 yards of line all in tote. Guess he liked all of my selections
today :) So, out came both hooks and I sent him on his way, untethered
this time... Probably made life a little more bearable heh.

The Rod-n-Reel list is:
- White Bass
- Quillback Carpsucker
- Freshwater Drum (Sheephead)
- Channel Catfish
- Flathead Catfish (guy next to me)

I then got out the seine real quick to pick up some feeders for the
stonecat... Not much interesting, but I'll note it anyway:
- Bluntnose Minnow
- Spotfin Shiner
- Rosefin Shiner
- Emerald Shiner
- Green Sunfish
- Quillback Carpsucker (juv... They're so darned cute that size! :)
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