Re: NANFA-- ESA and OT :)

Todd Crail (
Sun, 2 May 2004 14:50:17 -0400

My Nanny efforts are non-partisan... Now the Prez is under review ;)

Bruce, that last sentence could (should? :) have been left off. This is my
apprehension about news forwards, but I think we can all play nice. Let's
try and keep this the rule for now on, and do the "go grab a cup of coffee
thing" and come back and see what's really to do in our posts about opinions
concerning native fish and what may veer on over into opinions of the world
of politics.

This is just another friendly reminder and example what's going to help our
list run nice n smooth. And I promise, reminders will be off list once we
publish the list courtesies. In fact, I'll go make a motion right now so we
can get them up online and open it for discussion with NANFA members on the
email list. But for now, I thought it might be best to say this in the
audience of everyone. I know I've been really enjoying the list, find _all_
posts engaging and informative lately, and I think we'd all agree that's the
way we'd like it to be :)


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> Yeah, this is extremely disturbing. It's somewhere between willfully
> and malicious. But then, that's not really surprising given who's running
> the government.
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