NANFA-- pet store forays
Mon, 3 May 2004 14:15:43 EDT

i just returned from a bunch of errands and stopped by a pet store that i
happened to pass. i needed another compact flo and also took a look-in-a big 3lb
bucket of fish food for the cement pond. a friendly fella ( he described the
fish food as a fruity pebbles texture :) asked if i needed any help and before
long i was talking natives, cement pond and wondering if he ever got any
oddities in his ghost shrimp or feeder fish shipments. he said no but mentioned
some unusual insects. we walked over to the tank and there was a plump young
female least killie. oh boy... that is what im a talkin about! he fished her out
and a few big ghost shrimp and i looked up and right-in-the surface was a
pretty male golden ear topminnow. wowee! now the fella has my number and will ring
me when these "oddities" arrive in subsequent deliveries. :)
just a couple weeks ago the fish store i frequent rang me and they had a
pretty male bluefin killie on hold.
these treats are like mini snorkeling trips to florida for me. :)

do any of you folks do this?

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