NANFA-- I NEED FISH! and Ohio happenings...

matt ashton (
Tue, 4 May 2004 08:07:13 -0700 (PDT)

Okay I am abuot ready to kick this grass pike to the road that I have been house sitting for. Since the trading post stuff came up if anyone has any fry yoy or stuff they collect and have excess of pleaes email me off list about it.

Todd, Mark, Nick, etc Ohio people...I know the IN thing happened but is anything possibly within the state going to happen soon. I snagged (no pun) a probable new memeber on when i saw a post about catching stonecats via hook and line. He is very exctied about seeing the nanfa site and about other people in the area that like to collect and keep. Maybe somethign with new members in the past year would be nice. Either way I am in dire need of fish still, I really really would like to go the route of Lepomis, Fundulus, Etheostoma ( I REALLY miss my Iowa Darters from 2002 convention) just beacuse my tank doesnt have much current, and it has a thick plant base which is going wild (Sand bed of course, Todd), but I also would love to keep Ennecanthus and pygmies if I could. If only the bait stores in Ohio had fun odd balls like what was talked about earlier.
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