Re: NANFA-- ESA and OT :)

Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 09 May 2004 19:47:15 -0400

Harry Knaub said:

> It's been established that certain members of this list don't want to hear any
> political discussion, but I think that when it concerns native fish it should
> be discussed. We just shouldn't get nasty or make personal attacks.

Harry, I agree. Although apparently no one on this list wants to talk about
the Bush Administration decision to count hatchery salmon, it is an
important decision that threatens the survival of wild salmon populations.
The key to discussing it is not to bash or criticize the President, but to
bash the DECISION.

Personally, I doubt that Mr. Bush knows or even cares about hatchery vs.
wild salmon. With all that's going on in the world, I can't imagine him
spending any time ruminating over the fate of wild salmon, and the role of
hatchery salmon in Endangered Species Act (ESA) decisions. But I'm sure
he's directed his Secretaries of Commerce and Interior to avoid as many
future ESA listings as they can, and to overturn as many current listings as

I could go on and on about this, but I won't. If you want to read about the
Bush Adminsitration's dismal record when it comes to protecting
biodiversity, please visit this website ...

... and read the factsheets, especially the one about the Bush Admin.
officials denying that an extinction crisis exists.

Chris Scharpf
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