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Jan "The Man" Hoover said:

> The tangible benefit is "American Currents." It is the only natural
> publication that addresses the interests of native fish enthusiasts at
> possible level of their involvement - whether they be armchair
> ichthyologists, aquarists, amateur naturalists, or professional fish
> biologists - and it does so in a way that is entertaining as well as
> informative. I cannot think of any other magazine or journal that
> such even-handed coverage of sturgeons, shad, salmonids, shiners, and
> sunfishes. The thematic and taxonomic breadth of the AC is extraordinary,
> and makes even a casual reader a "fish expert."

Thanks, Jan! We'll have to add this blurb to others we've received recently.

"American Currents provides a wealth of information on North American native
fishes written by a wide variety of contributors, from hobbyists to some of
the best-known ichthyologists in the business. It's this cross section of
authors that makes this publication so valuable! Insight from knowledgeable
hobbyists has certainly helped CFI in its work with imperiled fishes."
J.R. Shute, Co-Director,
Conservation Fisheries, Inc.

"American Currents provides a readily accessible venue for important
information on native fishes that otherwise would go unpublished. The
journal is available to scientists and non-scientists who have bits of
information that are not suitable for peer-reviewed journals but that are
relevant to our understanding of species ecology and behavior and,
ultimately, to the conservation of our natural heritage."
Lawrence M. Page, co-author,
Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America

"American Currents is a must-read for anyone who is interested in native
fishes. The articles are well written, accurate, and highly informative. I
always look forward to my next issue."
Henry Robison, co-author
Fishes of Arkansas

Oh, sorry about the misleading header. I figured that was the only way to
keep some people from deleting the email unread. :-)

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