NANFA-- Nifty find

Mysteryman (
Sat, 15 May 2004 12:21:14 -0700

I was in a tiny little OLD petshop in Chicago last week. I get a kick
out visiting those really old stores ( like still using metal framed
tanks old ) because I never know what to expect. Sometimes the place is
a dump, but more often than not, it's a treasure trove ( which is how it
got to BE an old shop, I guess ).
Anyway, stores up north are usually fun because the fish biz is a lot
bigger up there than down here, and they get a lot of really neat stuff.
Naturally, an old store up north promises goodies galore, and I wasn't
The selection was quite good, and many fish were offered that I had only
seen in books. I was also impressed by the health and quality..slow
turnover in a shop run by people who care makes for nice fish. I've
noticed that many times; out of the way places with slow business have
stable tanks and stable, healthy, well-colored fish.
The best part, though, was the book selection. This store has an amazing
variety of OLD fish and pet books which have been out of print for
decades, and they are priced like they're nothing special.
They even had three copies of Braz Walker's old Pet Library series book,
"Enjoy Keeping Native Fishes." I got two of them and left the last one.
Any of you in Chicagoland may wish to go grab the last one. The store is
called Palos Pets or something like that. It's in Bridgeview, right on
HWY 43, a couple blocks south of Walmart and on the same side of the
Oh, by the way, while you're in the neighborhood, ask around to find a
restaurant called Les Brothers which is nearby. It's easily one of the
finest dining establishments in all of Chicagoland, and you'll be hooked
for life.
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