Re: NANFA-- More shrimp tank treasures

Mysteryman (
Sun, 16 May 2004 11:14:14 -0700

Michael Sandel wrote:
> Just wanted to thank all who recommended checking the feeder shrimps for natives. I went to the best LFS in Ohio (Byerly's), and found my first pair of Bluefin Killies! I had only seen them in books till then. The sales guy even knew what I was talking about! He said the natives are usually confisgated by the employees, but they had missed this pair.
> BTW- Do these fish have any specific foods/parameters etc?
> Michael
Bluefins are pretty tricky. They are difficult to acclimate to aquarium
"fish foods" and usually insist upon small live foods. They can switch
over to non-live stuff, but only after a bit of work on the keeper's
part. Occasionally you'll find one that settles right in overnight, but
that's pretty rare. Bluefins are good fish to keep with Pygmy Sunfishes
( Elassoma ) and Pygmy Killies ( Leptolucania ) because they'll all
demand similar kinds of foods without outcompeteing each other for them
too much.
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