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Sun, 16 May 2004 14:28:41 EDT

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Obviously there are of topic threads that are ok and some that are not. Off
topic threads that deal vaguely with fish should be ok. OT threads that deal
with politics are on more shaky ground. I can dig it dude. If it makes any
difference I have always thought highly of you Nick, even when we disagreed.
I believe Moon is on the right track. There has to be some balance. No, I
don't know how to measure that. But I can tell when things reach out of
balance. And I think most people can when they put on their "reasonable hats."

Volunteers: as far as I know, no one-in-NANFA (BOD members, publication
people (Chris), people that run the details of running an Internet list) gets paid
a salary and probably aren't even reimbursed for expenses. I'm also betting
many of them are putting up personal funds to do their volunteer jobs and
their families are sacrificing too. I further bet some are giving up other
opportunities to make income because they are taking care of their volunteer

I've done stuff like that before. You can do 100 things right but the first
time you make a mistake, people start abusing you. Or people that derive
benefit from your efforts don't have time to volunteer themselves but seem to have
time to make long lists of other things the volunteers should be doing.

Folks, let us cut our volunteers some slack. They are human beings and
occasionally make mistakes or just make rulings some don't like. Some times they
just don't have the time or energy to take on yet another volunteer job.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
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