Re: NANFA-- Sunday collecting and a probelm

John B (
Sun, 16 May 2004 23:13:27 -0500


I have a full blood Treeing walker hound which is similar to what I
think you are refering to. No fence will keep it in nor will an
electric collar work. These dogs are incredibly head strong and quite
tolerant of pain. The dog will either climb over a fence or dig under
it. A 3' deep hole is not unusual for them and can be dug in 5 minutes!
They can climb over a 6' fence easy. My brother has an 8" wall in the
middle of Dallas. I brought the dog over one day and left it in the
back yard. We were inside watching football, glanced outside and saw
the dog walking along the top of the fence. I've had neighbors come
over a few times to tell me to get my dog out of their tree! As hunter
and trackers these dogs are unsurpassed (my opinion) but are very
focused once on the scent, and they are always on the scent. Extremely
intelligent but typically will only work for food. Excellent-in-towing
you around thye neighborhood on your rollerblades! I have many Molly
endurance stories. By the way they are very fast as well. They have
the best traits of the Fox hound and the blood hound in them.

I have mine on two 20' cables which gives it an 80' diameter area in
which to explore, but alas it will only explore-in-the end of the lead
unless a gopher tunnels under her territory. It can turn your back yard
into a moonscape quickly if you are not creative.

She's a blast to go collecting with. She will try and collect with you
trying to snap-in-the fish underwater.


Irate Mormon wrote:

>Quoting "" <>:
>>That is one option. Another option would be a hidden fence system where the
>>dog is collared and constrained to an area surrounded by the buried wire.
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