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Mark (
Mon, 17 May 2004 12:55:50 -0400

At 8:36 PM -0700 5/16/04, Mysteryman wrote:
>...No, no Rainbows. There werre, however, more of the species I had seen
>before, and one new one which blew me away.
>The water was quite clear, and right down the middle of the creek were
>four fish nests. Guarding each nest was a glorious fish I still haven't
>been able to identify.
>This mystery fish was a sight to see. For starters, the colors were
>amazing. This fish had a metallic golden dorsal keel ( back ) which
>reflected the sun like crazy. The body was a bright, vivid yellow. But
>wait, there's more! It also had a series of vertical bands which were
>pink and red! The Caudal fin was wide and kind of stubby, and a
>brilliant scarlet red! The shape of the fish was unusual as well. This
>was no minnow. It was very deep-bodied, that is, tall, and it didn't so
>much swim as swiftly waddle. It looked for all the world like some sort
>of big pupfish! It was about 3 inches long and about half that tall.
>When I first saw it, I seriously thought that it was some sort of
>Nothobranchius african Killie! Next I thought it was some sort of

Try one of the Luxilus shiners. I don't know what you have in your
area, but things like:

Luxilus albeolus (Jordan) - white shiner
Luxilus cardinalis (Mayden) - cardinal shiner
Luxilus cerasinus (Cope) - crescent shiner -
Luxilus chrysocephalus Rafinesque - striped shiner
Luxilus coccogenis (Cope) - warpaint shiner
Luxilus cornutus (Mitchill) - common shiner -
Luxilus pilsbryi (Fowler) - duskystripe shiner |
Luxilus zonatus (Agassiz) - bleeding shiner -
Luxilus zonistius Jordan - bandfin shiner


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