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Mon, 17 May 2004 19:45:40 -0400

NANFA Members:

The NANFA Regional Outreach Program

The North American Native Fishes Association is proud to announce an expansion
of its Regional Outreach Program through the initiation of a new position, the
NANFA Contact.

One of the most important ways of increasing NANFA's visibility is to provide
local people to act as direct contacts between the public and the
organization. The idea is to make NANFA more accessible through a cadre of
NANFA contacts throughout each region that will serve as points of contact for
anyone that needs information regarding NANFA, local native fish information,
local regulations, and the condition of the local native fish habitats.

This position augments the existing regional representative structure. There
are no ongoing responsibilities and no structured tasks. We ask only that the
contact allows the listing of his or her name on the website, and responds to
inquiries about NANFA or the local conditions with which he or she in

Definition of the NANFA Contact:

The NANFA Contact is defined as a volunteer who agrees, upon request, to
provide information related to NANFA and to the native fishes in their local
area. Specifically:

1. The Contact is to provide information, to the best of his or her ability to
those requesting it. This information may relate to the local native fish
habitat, the location of collecting sites, the NANFA organization, or the
Regional Representative.

2. The Contact is to provide a brief event summary and information about the
requesting party to the Regional Representative for further action.

3. The Contact will be available to whatever extent possible to aid the
Regional Representative in implementing region-wide activities and events.

Please note that the third requirement is not a responsibility. Your Regional
Representative may ask for assistance in recruiting or for staffing events,
and as a local contact person, your experience and expertise would obviously
be an asset in any region-wide endeavor.

Volunteering as a local contact for NANFA is an excellent way to contribute to
both the group and to fellow native fish enthusiasts without committing to an
ongoing or structured responsibility.

Interested in lending a hand ? Contact your Regional Representative. If there
is no representative in your state, contact Charlie Nunziata-in-727-393-3757
or e-mail:

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