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matt ashton (
Wed, 19 May 2004 05:40:55 -0700 (PDT)

I think my biggest fear over this is how such a panic was taken origionally and awareness and action could have been taken much more intelligently. I fear it will lead to a situation like the scene in "Jaws" where everyone in the harbor and their brother are shooting into the water, dynamiting, snagging, anythign to get ANY shark possible, because to rid their waters of sharks. I see a snakehead showing up in some very nice critical atershed and then it going wild and following that path.

I know of a LFS in NE Ohio that just got in trouble for still having them on "display" even though someone later said they had bought one recently from it after the investigation took place. Fact of the matter is I knew several others when the origional snakehead was found and it was all over CNN-in-pet stores still and them being moved to "display only" and the attitude was "we will get rid of them when we are told to".

The oh my god lets freak out and make them illegal attitude now was rather short sighted. That if anythign will be the biggest cause of people panicing and dumping snakehead and variuos other fish into our waterways. Instead why wasnt some kind of buyback offered, like they do for guns or even toy guns. Local DNR's could have offered a certificate or 20 bucks or just anything to any owners of snakeheads that turned their fish in dead or alive to be tallied and disposed of. It would have given a great indication of just how much was out their too, where it was, and what to expect and model any efforts of removal after. It seems as though the opposite is what happened, you don't hear much about any coordination with the public or education to the public about the fish. I frequently see postings on an Ohio sport fishing message board I use about people freaking out about a sneakhead they caught when it was really a bowfin. It is nice to see that the last one caught was killed
immediately by the angler and turned over to the proper authorities...but how many misidentified bowfin will be beheaded because of this?
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