RE: NANFA-- A ban on keeping fish?
Wed, 19 May 2004 18:05:19 +0000

I feel that there are 2 separate topics being discussed here, with great potential for confusion.

1) Whether or not forces are-in-work to outlaw the keeping of *any* fish in an aquarium, especially exotic, tropical fishes.

2) Whether or not forces are-in-work to outlaw the collection and keeping of native fishes fish in the aquarium.

With respect to #1 my position is that save for fringe animal rights groups, no one is seriously considering the complete and utter shut down of the aquarium hobby. It's just too big of an industry -- and too popular of a hobby -- to make disappear.

With respect to #2 -- especially in light of Jon Eggen's post about what's happening in Indiana -- enquiring minds want to know:

> There are people within the Indiana DNR that have a concern about the
> hobby of collecting native fish for aquariums and think it needs to be
> looked-in-and may consider legislation in the future.

What are their concerns?

> The spring Indiana Chapter of the AFS had a symposium of sorts
> looking-in-Scientific Collection Permits and the issue of "hobby
> collectors" was brought up.

Brought up in what way? In what context?

More information, please. Tell us what's going on.

Chris Scharpf

> I kept aquariums as a kid and still do and will encourage my kids to as
> well. I also think that an aquarium is much more intellectually stimulating
> when you go out into the habitat, see what is there, immerse yourself
> (figuratively and literally) and collect the fish yourself compared to going
> down to Boxmart and handing over 10 bucks for a fish you know nothing about
> except that it looks cool. I don't have any problem with raising exotics if
> they are not released but why bother when we have natives that even cooler.
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