Re: NANFA-- Outdoor Systems vs Indoor Systems

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 22 May 2004 00:59:19 -0500

No one can reproduce the sun. So indoor systems will never meet the outdoor
system regardless of money sunk into them in fancy lighting.

That is why I run two and a half dozen ponds. Most of my fish spend spring
summer and fall outside. It is incredible the benefits. For one, myself, I
get the time off to goof around fishing or whatever. Meanwhile, my fish get
the benefit of the outdoors. I have been on some herp lists, and from what I
have read, the same things are happening with reptiles kept outside when the
weather permits. Ectotherms best friend is the sun. Give them sunlight, and
they prosper.

I boil it down to this. You cannot beat wild caught tame fish every winter
gracing your tanks. My sunfish and other " intelligent" fish remember me
even after their outdoors vacation. yet they look like a million bucks after
their club med retreat to one of the ponds.

Meanwhile, the indoor tanks all run, just plants, filtration and lighting ,
but no fish or food and wastes. Most problems die out during this time when
they have no hosts to live off of for eight nine months. But, I cannot
stress the downtime for yourself. You cannot get burnt out on fish keeping
doing this. The ponding adds another entire realm to fish keeping , and is
a great instructor.

Renting? Don't or can't have soil to dig ponds into? A little investment
into some lumber and you can build some frames to hold your ponds on a
veranda or patio. These are as easy to move as well as aquariums and stands.
So, give it a whirl and reap the benefits of keeping your fish outside when
it is nice out. You won't be dissappointed!

Ray W.
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