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Quoting Mark <>:

You could do the same thing with a distillation or R/O apparatus. Still, you
will be faced with the necessity of nutrient import and export. It's a matter
of scale. I disagree that natural sunlight is a magic ingredient. Light can be
viewed as energy which is imported into the system. While some wavelengths are
more phytoreactive than others, this can be compensated for. I don't believe it
is strictly necessary to even imitate natural light, BUT real sunlight is much
cheaper, for sure. A truly closed, small scale system is not possible in my
opinion. Even the earth is not a closed system, since it imports solar energy,
and exports (radiates) waste as heat. But if you are willing to expand the
definition of "closed"...then sure, maybe. Adey and Loveland's book is a good
place to start.

> Thinking about this ecosystem concept -- Is it possible to actually
> create a closed, self-cleaning system? I'm thinking about a
> distillation setup to remove excess nutrients from the water.
> Natural systems get flushed out with rains from time to time which
> carry away dissolved nutrients. Rain is essentially
> distilled/evaporated and recondensed water. How 'bout a reservoir
> that accepts water from the aquarium via an overflow that isolates it
> from exchange with the tank water. A submersible heater in the
> reservoir to create vapor (it's a closed chamber). A coil running
> through this chamber that circulates chilled water, chilled by a
> thermoelectric unit like the IceProbe. Water vapor condenses on the
> coil and is collected and returned to the tank. The dissolved
> nutrients are retained in the evaporation chamber where they can
> accumulate without contaminating the aquarium water. What kind of
> easily obtainable parts could be fitted into something like this?

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