Re: NANFA-- A ban on keeping fish?

Todd Crail (
Sat, 22 May 2004 23:03:14 -0400

I'm glad you've piped in on this Jon, as I think we're going to be in the
state of Indiana more frequently, as the Tippecanoe River is a central
watershed to a "large" population of NANFAns. It is a watershed that, with
its spectacular health, is a fine place to showcase the diversity that can
and does live right in our backyards. I see this as a positive situation
for the state and for local organizations in the watershed for education
outreach activities. NANFA has a fantastic base of private citizens who are
very knowledgeable and excited about the diversity found, and can supplement
any outreach government organizations are looking to do locally, as
performing "the choir of angels" behind their conservation message.

The concern you're discussing was also relayed on to me when I organized a
first outing for a few weeks ago (report to come this week!) by a few NANFA
members in the DNR and USFW who found our foray as a topic of concern within
the IDNR (I'm not sure wether you had any involvement in those meetings or
not). There were concerns early on about imperiled species being removed,
and I certainly understand those concerns.

I hope the non-presence of enforcement-in-Tippecanoe (while my best sources
said expect to get a visit) was an indication of trust in our goals and
aspirations for sampling this fine water system. It is my hope that this is
another start of cooperation between our more hobbyist based organization
and the individuals within, or regulating agencies themselves... That NANFA
is here to give back in abundance, with what little ethical footprint we
leave on resources for our own personal enjoyment. I'm excited that we've
established contact with people inside... I hope to meet you as well at
events that are working into the picture.

This interaction is very much under way in South Carolina with the
"Convention Guys", and it seems excellent headway is being made in Texas as
well. I'm sure this exists elsewhere, I'm just either not aware or have
forgotten... I hope these all can serve as examples-in-State, Regional and
National ACS meetings (as an example) where the discussion is "Hey, you
should hook up with these NANFA guys" instead of "should people keep native
fish in aquariums?"

If there's an observable benefit to allowing people to keep non-imperiled
natives... I don't think we're going to have to have this discussion much
any more :)


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> I would say that forces are NOT-in-work right now to outlaw the collection
> and keeping of native fishes.
> What I can say is that this issue is on the radar of Natural Resources
> Management people just because it was brought up during the panel
> discussion. I believe what prompted it is the concern that "amateur"
> collectors are very good-in-what they do and when combined with scientific
> collectors, loss of habitat, etc. that there is a concern that there might
> be a significant impact to the resource which is not being adequately
> regulated or monitored.
> Jon
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