NANFA-- Followup to Largemouth Gill Parasite...

Claudette Goldstein (
Mon, 05 Nov 2001 12:36:05 +0000

Just to let y'all know,

My Largemouth Bass (Herb) had cancer on his gill (operculum) & not a
parasite as previously thought. What I thought was a parasite was a
secondary fungal infection from Herb trying to 'scrape off' the irritataion

I thank everyone for their responses & help, but my fish are my 'babies' and
it was cheaper to have Dr. Tim come out & hear the bottom line from him than
to keep buying drugs & chemicals & performing massive water changes every

I called the consulting vet for the Newport Aquarium (in Newport, KY), Dr.
Tim Mullican, he came out & we doped Herb up, & scraped cells from his gill
& checked under microscope. A slide was sent off as backup diagnosis to
'oncology' and it was determined that Herb was parasite free but cancerous.
Dr. Tim removed the 'cancer' from his operculum & sealed the wound with
'artificial skin'. Herb has made a remarkable improvement & has even started
eating voraciously & gaining weight.

He's a great guy & was impressed that I really had a largemouth bass
(amongst other species) & not a 'trout'. He's had people call him to check
on why their 'trout' wasn't getting any bigger. The 'trout' turned out to be
either a carp or creek chub. He's got other great stories too!

Thanks Dr. Tim!
Thanks NANFA!

The 'Friendly skies ARE STILL friendly' (& pretty inexpensive & roomy)!

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