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David Lains (
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 13:04:27 -0800

Hello Jackie

Most fish will react to changes in water chemistry. As far a test subjects
I would recommend that you use a species of fish that is maintained in lab
settings. This will allow you to access a larger body on knowledge in the
form of papers and articles on specific fish and specific conditions. I
would recommend either Cyprinodon verigatus the sheep head minnow which is
often used in toxicigy testing or the Zebrafish aka the Zebra Danio. The
first option should be easily obtainable from this list or the later from
any aquarium store. I know more about the later so if you need any info
about zebrafish and their husbandry fill free to contact me off list.

><{{{>- -----Original Message-----
><{{{>From: Jaclyn Curtis
><{{{>Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 6:14 PM
><{{{>Subject: fish for experiments
><{{{>To whom ever it may concern,
><{{{> My name is Jackie Curtis and I am a junior at South
><{{{>Glens Falls High
><{{{>School in South Glens Falls, NY. I am currently enrolled in
><{{{>a three year
><{{{>research course called Authenic Science Research in the High
><{{{>School in which
><{{{>my topic of study is water fluoridation. I am currently developing an
><{{{>experiment where I will test the effects of fluoride on fish.
><{{{> To do this
><{{{>efficently I need to know what fish react the best to
><{{{>changing conditions.
><{{{>I was hoping that maybe you would know the answer to this
><{{{>question. The
><{{{>fish need to be small enough to fit into a regular fish tank.
><{{{> Thank very
><{{{>much for your time.
><{{{>Jackie Curtis

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