NANFA-- a newbie to collecting (oops, sampling)

Cameron Case (
Fri, 09 Nov 2001 12:39:37 -0600

I've been watching this list for a few months, and I've even kept a couple
of native species. Always, though, I've just found someone that would
trade, or that would sell them...never have I sampled them myself. I'm
wondering, if it isn't too late in the season (for me, not them), is there
any particular fish, in any particular location (I'm in North Alabama, 20
minutes south of Huntsville, 10 minutes west of Lake Guntersville),
relatively close to me, that would offer me a good chance to try it myself?
I don't really intend to keep anything, I just want to do it myself...catch
a few fish, take a few photos, get wet, enjoy the remaining days of 60+
weather. I know there are some members who have visited the area (and at
least Bruce Stallsmith lives here), so are there any for a beginner? If you
can tell me where and what fish, I can do the research to find the exact
spot and get familiar with the fish, etc. I have Fishes of AL and the
Mobile Basin, if that would help any. You guys just seem to enjoy the trips
to the site at least as much as keeping the fish themselves, so I'd like to
see what all the fuss is about. Also, if this is the sort of hobbie where
you don't want to share all your best spots (like fishing/angling), that's
fine, I'm not looking for anything but a chance to try to dip some fish,
take pictures, and say I've done it (so I'll know if I want to do it again).

Thanks in advance,
Cameron in AL

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