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Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 11 Nov 2001 09:30:47 -0400

>Anyone ever keep small hogchokers?

Alfred D. Castro's "Freshwater Q&A" column in the November 2001 Aquarium
Fish Magazine offers some excellent advice on keeping the hogchoker, a
southeastern U.S. sole thatıs born in salt and brackish water but often
migrates into fresh water to mature.

Although hogchokers are commonly sold in fish shops as "freshwater
flounder," Castro recommends keeping them in a brackish tank.
Freshwater-only specimens live 3-4 years in captivity, but live up to eight
years when salt is added to the tank (about a tablespoon per five gallons).

Hogchokers do poorly on prepared flake foods, Castro adds. Instead, feed
them meaty frozen or live foods such as worms, chopped shrimp, clams, and
brine shrimp. Provide a soft, sandy substrate and a temperature of 65-75F.

As with other flatfishes, hogchokers can change their color to blend in with
their surroundings. For this reason, do not keep them in a tank with
multi-colored gravel. This is a "very quick way to stress them out and
shorten their lifespan," Castro warns.

Chris Scharpf

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