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Christopher Scharpf (
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:04:29 -0400


Just wanted to let you know that the Fall American Currents was mailed to
the printer today. Among the topics covered in this issue are:

* keeping brook trout in aquaria
* politics and conservation of the Rio Grande silvery minnow
* captive propagation of slender chubs (Erimystax)
* the endangered bonytail chub
* the "extinct" robust redhorse
* egg-mimic darters
* aquarium spawning of the stoneroller

In addition, you'll be introduced to the new NANFA Breeders Award Program,
in which your prowess at breeding natives is acknowledged and rewarded.

Once the issue's printed and shipped to the mailhouse and mailed bulk rate,
it should start arriving (fingers crossed) during the middle of December.

Note: If your membership lapsed in August, September or October, renew now
so that you do not miss this issue.


I've always found it curious that there are many people who are sufficiently
interested in native fishes to join this list, yet who haven't joined the
organization that brings this list to you: NANFA.

Well, if you join now, I personally guarantee that you'll receive the next
American Currents -- 40 fact-, fun- and fish-filled pages that's bound to
make any native fish enthusiast be even more enthusiastic about the fishes
we care so deeply about. In fact, for as little as $20, you'll receive 4
issues -- that's 160 pages! -- of in-depth articles and news items on the
biology, conservation, collecting, and aquarium care of North American

(A free sample issue, in PDF format, is available on NANFA's website at ).

But that's not all. In addition to receiving American Currents, you can take
satisfaction in knowing that a portion of your dues helps fund NANFA's
Conservation and Education Grant programs. In less than two years, NANFA has
awarded over $2700 in grant monies to help educate the public about the
existence and ecological importance of non-game freshwater fishes, and to
conduct vital scientific research that can aid the conservation of native
fishes, particularly those that are threatened or endangered.

Other membership benefits include:

TRADING POST, for advertising fishes, fish eggs, plants, publications --
anything related to native fishes and fishkeeping. Appears quarterly in
American Currents and monthly on this very e-mail list.

REGIONAL NANFA CHAPTERS. State and regional groups where members can get
together to collect and discuss native fishes, remove exotics, and perform
conservation and stream restoration work.

NEW MEMBER PACKET. An 8-page newsletter that's sent to new NANFA members
introducing them to NANFA, and to the fascinating world of collecting,
keeping and conserving North America's native fishes.

ANNUAL MEETING. Where NANFA members from around the country meet for
lectures, collecting trips, raffles, auctions, fun and fellowship. The 2002
meeting will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

So, won't you consider joining? Dues are just $20 a year if you live in the
U.S. $25 a year if you live in Canada and Mexico. And $34 a year outside
North America. (NANFA currently has members in Denmark, Germany, Italy,
Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela, and the United Kingdom!)

To join, simply print out, complete and mail the application found here: .

Or just send a check or money order (in U.S. funds only, please), along with
your name and address, to:

1107 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218

Thanks muchly,

And best fishes,

Christopher Scharpf
editor, American Currents
NANFA Membership Coordinator

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