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Denkhaus, Robert (DenkhaR_at_Ci.Fort-Worth.TX.US)
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Sounds like you need to write a short article for American Currents!!

Rob Denkhaus
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

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> Hi All
> Just wanted to give you an update on the brook silversides I
> caught In KY
> last month... For all the trouble they typically are to keep alive in
> transit, they have been no trouble at all to keep. Apparently
> the extreme
> care we took in transporting them paid off. So far, I haven't
> lost a single
> fish. I placed them in a 20gal with the rest of the KY catch,
> otherwise
> occupied by a few of the yellowfin shiners from Soque River.
> For the first
> four days, I did a pre-emptive treatment with Furan2 as I
> normally do with
> new arrivals. My main concern was the food. In all my tanks I
> feed flake
> food in the morning and freeze-dried blood worms at night. I
> noticed right
> away that the silversides were not aggressive feeders like
> the others in
> their tank. While the other fish swarm the top of the water
> as soon as the
> food arrives, the silversides remain placidly schooling in
> the middle of
> the tank. Since this tank sits at eye level, it is much
> easier to observe
> without spooking the fish. The silversides ignored the flake
> food at first
> (no great surprise), but nibbled at the blood worms that
> drifted down to
> their level. I always make sure that I put the food directly
> in the path of
> the flow from the filter so that enough of it reaches the
> darters that live
> on the bottom. Within a week, the silversides were also
> eating the flake
> food, and now even venture up to the top once in awhile to
> get it. These
> are truly graceful creatures to watch. I have really enjoyed
> keeping them,
> but I realize as I watch them how little I know about them.
> If any of you
> can point me toward any literature on them, I'd like to learn more.
> All The Best,
> Steven A. Ellis
> Kennesaw, GA

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