Re: NANFA-- How Big is that Alligator ?
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 19:34:40 EST

these stories remind me of something my dad and his fellow deer hunters
pulled way back when i was a little boy and times were a bit different.
someone had shot a big black wild house cat while way back in the sticks
during hunting season. they hung up the cat in front of but appearing next to
a deer readied for field dressing. by taking the photo at the correct angle
they created the forced perception that the cat was near as big as the
deer... and submitted it to the local paper. part of the story was that this
female black panther's mate had gotten away.
that photo got all the locals cranked up boarding up their houses, penning up
the farm animals, keeping their kids home from school and getting their
rifles at the ready.
it finally took a game warden's visit and a subsequent newspaper story to
settle the fear and frettin.
one of these fellas years before had came across a gorilla custume and had
taken to scarring the local teens at the weekend submarine races. he had to
stop that when they armed themselves and determined to get the arkansas
but as for truth in these parts... wild russian boars were imported into the
area for sport hunting. they have interbreed with the local wild hawgs and
they are suppose to be meeeaaann. i guess after gators and bears they would
be the next worse thing... except for moonshiners or grass farmers.
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