Re: NANFA-- greedy fish

Travis Haas (
Thu, 07 Nov 2002 00:04:35 -0600

I looked at your webpage and, just out of curiosity, looked at your
resume. And in response I must ask: "Why couldn't have I gone to a high
school that offered cool classes like Ecology, Landscaping, Greenhouse
Management, and Floriculture?"

Oh well. I guess I'm turning out to be somewhat all right anyway.

Travis Haas

P.S. Nice fish pictures, too.

Traci Mount wrote:
> Speaking of greedy fish.
> I was gone for a weekend, when I got back, there were 4 less fish in my
> natives tank. All of my sunfish were gone. At first I blamed Mike as two of
> my tanks looked as though he had dumped a whole can of flakes in. He swore
> that he had not killed any of my beloved fish. The next day or so I kept
> watch over them and noticed my smallmouth bass was being particularly
> aggressive. I thought that it was unlikely that this 3.5" bass could swallow
> the 1" sunfish, when my glassfish of the same size are still there. To test
> this I got some big fat rosy minnows, approximately the same volume as one
> of my former sunfish.
> As I dumped them in, that SMB gulped one down! It was a gruesome death for
> the rosies, I never figured that a fish's mouth could stretch so much! I'm
> not mad at Mike anymore, but I still don't see how a little bass could eat
> something the shape of a comparatively large sunfish.
> Traci Mount
> Department of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries
> University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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