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Crail, Todd (
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 12:47:29 -0500

You're not kidding there. I finally got a look at a live one this spring. We
were fishing the walleye run and my buddy picked a 16 incher up. I could fit
my whole fist in it's mouth without a struggle.

Unfortunately, all "that mouth" is exotic to this particular drainage. I'd
seen pictures at the bait shops, but when Dave said "Man this is one starved
out lookin' catfish", my heart sank as I turned to look. Hopefully, their
proliferation is only temporary due to the really wimpy winters we've had the
last five or so years. A *lot* of photos showed up this summer. :/

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From: Jeremy Tiemann

Flathead catfishes are hogs too. If you like your native aquarium,
do not let your pals talk you into dumping a 6" flathead in there.
With in a week, Fred was the only one in there. He even at my studly
O-spots and longears (some of which we nearly as big as Fred).
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