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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 08:25:51 -0500

However, I'll poke in here, that a good number of people who keep aquariums
dose the snot out of the antibiotics like the store and books tell them to, it
fails, and they feel bad "killing" those last two fish.

And then they do what with them?

That's not containment to me, nor any sort of a line. It may certainly be
here where we're all involved in this discussion because we like to think
about what we're doing with our aquaria... However, I really wish that some of
the antibiotics were unavailable for any Joe to go pick up and treat away
cause 'that's what he would have done when he was under the weather'.

I'll also add... Last time my brother in law got a sore throat and chest
infection, he was unemployed, and guess where he picked up his medicine?

Yeah. I'd be much more comfortable if they weren't on the shelves.

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From: Jay DeLong

Probably at aquarium use for sure. What could be the worst that would
happen if you were somehow able to develop a resistant type of pathogen in
your aquarium? Your fish would die and eventually you would disinfect the
tank. That's why some chemicals still sold for aquarium use are illegal
for food fish or for fish released into the wild.
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