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These were secondary bacterial infections (like the glowing goo kind) due to
all the "sauce" viruses sending mucous membranes into a tizzy... The problem
is, he's smart enough to know what he needed to get, and that he could ignore
the warning on the back... And for someone who's allergic to penicillin like
myself, I really just wish erythromyacin wasn't available on the shelf at
PetSmart, cause, I might like really need that sometime, and I didn't need my
brother in law and 30,000 aquarists creating some super strain bacteria.

I think we're on the same page tho Lee. I can't stand it either when people
get sore throats from nasal drip and find it necessary to sterilze. But it
reminds me that we're only a couple steps away (no matter how "advanced" we
are) from the dark ages where the microbiotic world is still a bunch of demons
that need some type of exorcism from our bodies and homes, wether they're
beneficial or not. ;)

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<< 'll also add... Last time my brother in law got a sore throat and chest

infection, he was unemployed, and guess where he picked up his medicine?


He also was probably treating a virus infection with an antibiotic which has
no effect on viruses. Same is true for fish - antibiotics are ONLY effective
against specific bacteria. Most illnesses of fish are not bacterial
infections and those that are may not be the ones the antibiotic targets. Do
not indiscriminately use antibiotics in an aquarium - Period!

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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