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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:51:21 -0500

new native guy: "we should go out and look at the creek behind my dad's."

old native guy: "what's it like? any riffles left on it?"

new native guy: "yeah i think. is that where you see rocks for a long way?"

old native guy: <pulling out delorme> "where's it at?"

new native guy: "it's that one right there. dad's owns from here to there,
owns this to there, then it's all people at my parent's church down to there
where it meets the river. i know the people pretty much the whole way on the

old native guy: <jaw hits table because it has so many bends, a 1 mile
segment is about 5 miles long which is unheard of in nw ohio> "uhhhhhh...."

new native guy: "is that a good thing?"

old native guy: <!> "you ever find any mussel shells along there?"

new native guy: "oh yeah! there's like piles of them where the coons eat

old native guy: "ummm... what's the farm land along that like? i don't see
any ditches and there's an awful lot of trees."

new native guy: "well grandpa always thought that it was stupid to let the
topsoil just run off into the creek, so they left trees and stuff along the
stream. they always seemed to soak up the water in heavy rain, so they never
put in ditches or tile. then the government came out and they pay him more to
grow oats than he'd make on a bad year. so he just mows it twice a year, and
went and got a regular job."

old native guy: "!!!!!!!"

new native guy: "so you think there might be some intersting stuff back
It is not so difficult to love nonhuman life, if gifted with knowledge about
- E.O. Wilson
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