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> He also was probably treating a virus infection with an antibiotic
> which has no effect on viruses. Same is true for fish - antibiotics
> are ONLY effective against specific bacteria. Most illnesses of fish
> are not bacterial infections and those that are may not be the ones
> the antibiotic targets. Do not indiscriminately use antibiotics in an
> aquarium - Period!

I don't support "indiscriminate" use of antibiotics either, BUT, when Lee says that "most" illnesses are not bacterial infections, I would
say that most ARE either bacterial or parasitic. In the latter case, bacterial secondary infection is a real danger which can and
should be mitigated. I'm not saying you should use furanace every time you treat for ich, but for treatment of non-specific illness, or
many known parasitic infestations, I think a two-pronged approach is prudent.

I would further mention that antibiotics are less species-specific than gram-specific, and that most aquarium bacteria are of the gram-
negative type. Exceptions noted, of course.

Of course, anybody who has as much experience as Lee probably does not need to medicate very often at all. Which is by far the
preferred solution :-)


Jackson, MS

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