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Crail, Todd (
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 12:43:32 -0500

I didn't realize that someone could package Barry White in the form of brine,
but it appears the Sera company has.

I wanted to get a dry food to feed because frozen brine and bloodworms tear my
skin up (exposure induced sensitization). So I figured, why not start with
the best (and most expensive heh). I picked up their freeze dried shrimp, saw
that the protein was about the same as anyone else, but the fat content was
much much lower. I wondered if they used higher grade brine as base to
enhance the omega 3's without providing a bunch of heavy duty glycerides.
That was enough to peek my interest in spending the extra cash.


I fed it to my rainbowfish two nights ago. I got home last night and they
looked like they were going to explode with color. If I put a female in
there, it wouldn't be pretty.

I've fed it for two days to my natives. The rainbow darters took a roll in
the gravel three times now, the redside dace are doing the minuet continually,
the female orangespot is really shakin' her thang for the boy, but he's still
shy from the recent shock of relocation to clear water. And man are they all
purty in their best numptuial dress.

All fish are wild capture. The rainbow darters were taken 10/26, the
orangespots were taken 10/19 and 10/27, I'm not sure about the dace (Nick?).
Surely enough, no one was in spawn mode and hadn't had much of a cool off yet.
None of the fish had shown *any* interest or such behavior prior for me, but
I've only had the dace for 4 days.

It works great too, because I can float it and it breaks off all day long,
thus giving a more natural stream of food. That may play into this. I've use
Sally's FD Brine before, but it sure never made this much of a ruckus.

You may want to give it a looky. Their Canadian website is the main one is, but you can get to
the goodies faster at the Canadian one. A lot of small time online places
sell it, if you don't have a dealer near you.

Their carbon is like none other that I've used either. I can't say enough
good things about what I've tried from this company. I did get all signed up
with them at the very bitter end of my shop (and they were one of the most
courteous vendors I'd ever dealt with.. well after they were sure I was a
local private owned storefront and not some big ugly mean franchise place :),
but I never got around to carrying the line. Now I wish I had. This would
have fed waaaaaay better to my reefs, not to mention I can handle it without
my skin cracking.

Thought this may be of interest...
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