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Inland Fishes of Massachusetts
By Karsten E. Hartel, David B. Halliwell and Alan E. Launer

This is the first comprehensive descriptive guide to the freshwater fishes
of Massachusetts. It includes illustrated keys; detailed and readable family
and species accounts covering identification, natural history, distribution
and abundance; and distribution maps for all 83 native and exotic species.
All native species are illustrated with both color photographs and accurate
line drawings.

Freshwater fishes are beautiful, fascinating and ecologically important
elements of the biodiversity of Massachusetts. Yet, because they live
underwater, their exquisite forms and the details of their lives are not as
readily observable as are those of birds and other vertebrate animals. This
authoritative volume seeks to redress the undeserved obscurity of the
Commonwealth's freshwater ichthyofauna. What is the name of this beautiful
sunfish I caught in my local fishing hole? Where can I go to watch the
spring alewife migration? Is it true that all Massachusetts eels return to
the Sargasso Sea to breed? Are there sturgeons in Massachusetts rivers?
Which of our native inland fishes are endangered and why? Whether you are a
naturalist, aquatic ecologist, natural history book collector, angler, or
simply interested in knowing more about your wild neighbors, this handsome
volume will be a welcome addition to your library.

Retail Price $39.95.
For more information, please contact Kristin Eldridge at (781) 259-2176 or
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