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Crail, Todd (
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:15:11 -0500

The world is still in rectifiable shape. The problem is "money first"
attitudes like this that can't seem to work economic development *along side*
of natural sustainance... That get fussed up with "nature first" attitudes
that are unwavering to recognize economic development can work with and build
economies on nature... And makes the majority of first world humans appathetic
to either case, "yes I like money that lets me take a walk in the park who's
levy I just voted to increase by .5 mils".

It seems the only green spaces I see getting created at this point are
downtown because everyone's locked in such a state of contention, and the
developers just keep on plowing forward, while the city's infastructure
crumbles. Toledo now has a ring of about 5 blocks where it's all grass
between downtown and the first housing divisions. It's kinda sick.

And I think this is the only case where two extremes are the one's running the
show... There's your comission to educate the majority in the middle :)

But then again, I'm sure Lomborg would argue that I make too much money
downtown, and that's the only reason I think about this in my home that's
almost a suburban community. <another_evil_grin>


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Our world must be in worse shape than I had originally thought.
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