RE: NANFA-- Fwd: Environment down the tubes

Crail, Todd (
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:20:22 -0500

Okay, I'm buring up the inboxes today and no one is even arguing. I'll behave
after this ;)

I'd like to qualify this statement a bit better:

"It seems the only green spaces I see getting created at this point are
downtown because everyone's locked in such a state of contention, and the
developers just keep on plowing forward, while the city's infastructure

...while the city's infastructure crumbles, large spans of ghetto are created,
the city becomes an undesireable place to live and work, and suddenly Lucas
county, for example, is out of both revenue *and* natural resources once
they've taken the sprawl all the way to where the Great Black Swamp was, and
the farm fields begin. What's sad is *all* of the Great Black Swamp was
drained without planning and now there isn't any topsoil left due to erosion,
which causes more money to be spent on fertilizers and such to meet past
production and profit for the agrarian communities, and so on and so forth...
Which takes it's toll on municipal revenues because, well, you don't want to
drink that _at_#$% after it ran off into your water source.

Seems expensive to me to have unguided and unplanned development, and to look
past opportunities to preserve and protect what lets us breath and drink, two
very important things necessary for well, progress.

And for my second quote of the day (the first one, btw is rumored to have been
said by a Cree woman in the 1800's as they were forced to walk the "Trail of
Tears") I will provide one of whom I don't know the source....

"Growth for growth's sake is the philosphy of a cancer cell."

Put that on a piece of paper and put it on your dorm room door Travis. :)

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