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Neural tissues have been found to regenerate, but rarely and in unusual
circumstances. People who have been injured and regain use of a hand or
whatever usually do so because surviving neurons have grown and rewired
themselves, rather than through the production of new cells. It seems to be
possible in theory to stimulate neuronal growth both in vitro and in vivo,
but that's a $64 question for the moment.

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>Because politicians and a "moral majority" haven't allowed stem cell
>I liked Developmental, I not only took it once... I took it twice [sigh]
>professor decided that on his bell curve 77 was a D+ instead of a C- to
>a brash, arrogant, class skipping, soon to be *not* graduating student a
>But then again, where else could one gain pickup phrases like "I love the
>your dorsalbalstophoral lip invaginates, baby" or "that's some notochord
>remnant you have there sweet node". <evil_grin>
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>Well, it just stands to reason! One of the courses I took as part of my
>zoology degree was embryology. Really boring stuff, because basically
>understands how or why cells "know" how to differentiate, and when. But at
>SOME point neural tissue "knew" it had to grow. So why can't it be
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