RE: NANFA-- Antibiotics - Geoff Kimber's comments

geoff kimber (
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 20:30:31 -0500

sorry I wan't clear on my time to use comment -

I only use abx when the fish are sick when I bring them home. Since I have
begun using stress coat during transportation, that is less of a problem.
For a while, I was having trouble with this weird fin/body rot on newly
captured fish - Their muscles would lose their transluceny and look more
like cooked fish. This would happen in the few hours it took me to get
home. If I treated the fish immediately, they would often recover. If I
did not treat them, they would be dead and half rotted away by morning.
Sometimes, the infection would spread to all the fish that were exposed to
the sick fish. Before I realized that cephalexin worked, I would lose 3/4
of tank that way. It was very nasty.

I do use antibiotics to treat specific infections in specific fish. I hate
to say it, but sick f notatus get guillotined, while anything I caught in
the okeefenokee would get treated if I caught it in time.

Geoff Kimber

sorry it took so long to respond. I'm trying to migrate to linux and bad
things have been happening.
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