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Jeremy Tiemann (
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:21:25 -0600

Regarding the pipeline: it is an impressive structure, especially
when standing underneath it, but I do not see how the caribou have
benefited from the pipeline? I do not think that they have been
hindered by it, but I do not have the data to support either
statement. It was a nice idea to run the pipeline underground to
allowing critters to pass over the pipeline, but most (caribou and
moose) just walk under the darn thing. One big problem with drilling
is AK is the oil companies will not gain that much oil in the long
run. Is it worth to ruin one of the last great places on the planet
to gain a little oil? To gain support and justify destroying the
environment, I heard a Congressman give his views on drilling in
Alaska, I am paraphrasing here, but it went something like this:

"The new oil rigs and pipelines that will result from drill in the
ANWR will benefit the elk greatly... it will create a wind vacuum
that will keep the mosquitos off of them, and reduce their chances of
contracting West Nile."

There are several things wrong with this statement, I will let you
figure them out.


>I was talking about mostly earlier in this thread regarding the elections ,
>pretaining mostly to ANWR. The land in question in ANWR is 1/1000 of 1 % -
>I wondered how that equaled 100% destruction of Alaska? Does a pile of dog
>scat render your yard useless, or give home to millions of bacteria? I was
>told my views are not to be heard, but any others have free reign. I did not
>read anything regarding the perils of any water way. Caribou have benefitted
>from the existing 30 year old pipeline. Possibly another specie has not, but
>not that I have heard of. This is not , however, the North American Native
>Ungulate Association. Go ahead and pick apart what I have just wrote and
>make it a joke, you can all have a good laugh, since obviously I am not a
>viable part of this discussion.
>Resigned Regional Representative of the Wisconsin Region

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