Re: NANFA-- Goldstein article in AFM and a Request for

Jeremy Tiemann (
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 10:40:36 -0600

Would either of these methods work? I would like to chill my tank
and then warm it back up in the spring time (as usual, all of my
tanks are dependent on room temp, which usually varies 2 degrees
(68-70) all year round. I have a dorm fridge about a foot away from
my aquarium, but I do not think that my office mates would like fish
water running over their yogurt and sodas (I do not know why... it is
just added flavor). I think that an air hose might be a little
better for them.

>intrigued by the suggestion to put an air pump in a dorm fridge and cool
>the air that goes into an aquarium instead of running the water through
>the fridge and cooling it directly, as has been the standard use of dorm

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