NANFA-- Re: Environment down the tubes

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 12:01:03 -0500

> I heard a Congressman give his views on drilling in
> Alaska, I am paraphrasing here, but it went something like this:
> "The new oil rigs and pipelines that will result from drill in the
> ANWR will benefit the elk greatly... it will create a wind vacuum
> that will keep the mosquitos off of them, and reduce their chances of
> contracting West Nile."

That's almost as good as Guss Spayeth- I think he was Jimmy Carter's
Interior Secretary - who commented that he was concerned that nuclear
waste did not contaminate large areas of the US because we might have
another ice age!

Although James Watt- Reagan's Interior Secretary may have done them both
one better by saying in regard to conserving natural resources for
future generations- though in light of the possibility of the Second
Coming of Jesus being eminent he said he was not sure how many future
generations we could count on.

When people make predictions of the future they are aften very
disappointed. Just ask Paul (the bug specialist) Erlich who predicted
mass famine and starvation in the US - in the 1980s! Or during the last
version of the Gulf War- it was predicted that it would take years to
extinguish all the oil fires and cap the wells that Saddam blew up- it
tool mere months and the scientists from Carl Sagan's study group on
nuclear winter had predicted a climate impact on a global scale- but the
cooling effects were cheifly local.

Armageddon has been just around the corner for as long as I can
remember. That's the nice thing about being around for a few year- you
get a chance to hold the lean-looked prophets accountable when their
predictions fail.

Of course they always seem to slip off the hook and redraw and
recalculate their predictions. And find plenty of gulible suckers to
hoodwink over and over again. One of Life's ammusing side shows on par
with politicians who consistently promise to deliver more entitlements,
balanced budgets, and lower taxes!

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