NANFA-- Re: Environment down the tubes

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 02:35:46 -0500

> **Greenpeacers make me chuckle. They're dead set against nuclear power (WHY) but think we should convert vast tracts of land
> into solar and wind generator fields. THAT's not going to affect the environment, NO SIR!
The Author of "Hard Green: saving the environment from the
environmentalists" divides Greens into hards and softs - sort of a take
off of Amory Lovins' soft and hard technological paths.

Soft Greens he argues favor soft technologies which are less efficent
and require the use of more resources to get returns. Nuclear energy
ironically being the "cleanest" of energy sources because it's more
concentrated so you don't have to dig up as much land per unit of energy
as you would to get the same from coal.
Petroleum is rated better than coal , natural gas better still- softer
energy tech - biomass, solar and wind require more space for production-
which means more land must be altered that could otherwise support a
natural ecosystem.

The fear of nukes is for most part a hysterical gut reaction that ties
the idea of anything nuclear with images of Hiroshima. I remember the
late SF author Issac Asimov saying that he'd be more comfortable living
next door to a nuclear power plant than a chemical factory or oil
refinery. No one can argue that anything is without risk, but there is
definitely danger inherent in the social instability that comes with a
meltdown of the economy.

In desperate times people are not inclined to go about anything in a
gentle manner.


In days of old when knights were bold and someone had to feed em-
it took the ire of a local squire to scare the serfs an bleed em!
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