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Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:08:38 -0500

Thanks Chris.

Prolly has just learned to anticipate food when you move in a certain direction toward or way around the aquarium, sees it and takes off for it.

He's in a 30 with some darters, some red side dace and some orangespots. He has his place under a log and when he sees me, he usually comes forward a bit, but not that he would give himself away. Then I set the clip right in front of him, he gets all excited, but won't touch it until I move away (like he doesn't dart when I have my fingers down around his lil hole).

The orangespots are starting to warm up to the idea of clear water and a human sitting there drooling and making "arenchewpretty" noises now... I was a bit concerned that they may get overly aggressive and wait for the nice orange stuff instead of the brown stinky stuff. It sounds like it will warm up to me much more and I won't have to worry about it, I'll start trying the feeding stick trick tomorrow.

It was funny tho to watch a darter make off with a whole krill today that was shaken out of the clip when Spicoli attacked it. Man did the darter think he won the lottery. The darter paid later tho... He spent the entire afternoon rocking back and forth on a rock on his overly rotund belly :)


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> So I discovered Spicoli *really* likes freeze dried krill. But they float.

My stonecat -- about 8" long -- takes freeze dried krill from the surface.
He's under a rock or piece of bark, but heads to the surface the SECOND the
krill hits the water just in front of the Whisper outflow. How does he know
it's there? The sound of it hitting the water? I can't imagine that the
smell gets down to him that quickly.

> I don't know that a feeding stick will work due to his shyness

Are other fish in the tank? My stonecat is the sole occupant of a 20 long
with lots of crevices for hiding.

Chris Scharpf

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