RE: NANFA-- Upper Cahaba Watershed, AL

Bruce Stallsmith (
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:52:52 -0500

I think the path of least resistance is to demand more study, if by some
chance this Study says that real actions (and decisions!) are needed. What's
interesting about Jefferson County (Birmingham)is that it's the only county
in the state which is completely covered by zoning codes. So a framework is
in place through which at least broad land use decisions can be guided.

In truth, we're probably lucky that stretches of the upper Cahaba haven't
already been channelized or damned, only used as a sewer at worst. I hope we
can at least avoid active destruction!

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>From: "Crail, Todd" <>
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>Subject: RE: NANFA-- Upper Cahaba Watershed, AL
>Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:20:11 -0500
>Nice touch :)
>Now, what happens if the EPA get's "re-prioritized", the boss' boss' boss
>"this is inconclusive" and then it has to stick that "we must study this
>and development continues? Or even worse... "We find no issues with
>development in this watershed" ?
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>From: Bruce Stallsmith
>So my cynicism is based on a feeling that this whole process is a feel-good
>operation designed to disarm any serious questioning of the status quo.
>Local groups like the Cahaba River Society are organizing people to
>participate in this process and, for one thing, make any recommendations by
>this Study legally binding. The meeting conveners didn't look happy at that
>suggestion.... so the struggle continues.
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