Re: NANFA-- Fake date for 'alien' crayfish

Pete Liptrot (
Sat, 23 Nov 2002 00:12:04 -0000

> Crayfish alien to British waters are being lured into traps using sex

Yup, it's correct, there are quite large fisheries around Signal Crays in
the most unlikely places, including an ornamental lake in central London,
which go to supply some very exclusive restaurants. My old man has also
caught them on occasion while fishing up here in the North-west. Got a good
friend in the Environment Agency (guess it's the same as your EPA) Fisheries
Dept. who's involved with the trapping programme. I've told him that if he
gets a good batch of Signals to pass them on, and we'll have ourselves a
good ol' cook up, washed down with an appropriate beverage. Recipe
suggestions on a postcard...
Apparently the real problem with the Crayfish isn't the fungal disease, it's
just that the Signals are too loud, they all drive petrol-greedy SUVs, their
'sports' make no sense, and then they went and chose an idiot to be their
leader, who has recently proposed plundering a pristine headwater area for
some commodity or other.......
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