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>Subject: salutations all!
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> Hello my my fellow fish enthusiasts! Just thought that I would drop
> you all a line and get in contact with other people that have the same
> interests as I. My name is Tyler Goodale and I live in Butler County
> Missouri. I am 18 and have been studying the native fishes of Missouri
> for as long as I can remember. When I first found out about your site I
> was very excited and it is truly an awesome site and organization! I
> found out about your site from Robert Hrabik, who some of you probably
> know also. I have helped 'Bob' on several ocassions and we are still in
> pursuit of Notropis Amnis in the state of Missouri. If anyone has any
> information on this species that they would be willing to share it would
> be much appreciated.
>Feel free to contact me and we can exchange information about our native
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