RE: NANFA-- Bigeye Chub bites the bullet

Jeremy Tiemann (
Mon, 3 Nov 2003 08:43:48 -0600

The USGS in Columbia, MO is working with Neosho madtoms, and has a
few fish that are 5 years old. These madtoms are huge (bigger than
what the literature suggests) and some do not look like Noturus
placidus. Most of the literature suggests that N. placidus is annual
(three years max). Jan pout it correctly that NANFA members could
really contribute to fish biology.

>Mark writes:
>>>>I'm curious to know how long lived other people's small native fish are.
>Jan responds:
>My impression is that for smaller fishes - longevity in an aquarium can be
>2-3 X lifespan in nature. I have kept several species that lived 4-5 years
>in an aquarium, but only 2-3 years in the wild. A coastal shiner from
>Florida lived almost 3 years in my 10-gallon tank but in the Hillsboroiugh
>River would have been an annual. I have some Topkea shiners that are now 6
>years old but most live only two years in their native streams.
>This is one area where NANFA members could really contribute to fish biology
>since most biologists do not have the time or facilities to maintain
>individuals or cohorts for an indefinite period of time. It necessitates
>careful record-keeping and special handling of captive fishes, though (i.e.,
>minimal mixing with other conspecifics).
>I started keeping a native fish aquarium notebook in 1999. I wish I would
>have started sooner. Its taught me a lot about longevity, handling-related
>mortality, behavior, etc.

Jeremy Tiemann
Biological Field Assistant
Illinois Natural History Survey
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