RE: NANFA-- Random Thoughts...

Shane Graber (
Tue, 4 Nov 2003 08:56:43 -0500

> -------------------
> Brine Factory
> -------------------
> The only flaw I can see so far is hydroids getting in there
> and making a
> mess. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that... But I fear
> it would be
> naive to even entertain the thought for a moment. At any
> rate, based on
> this week's very _preliminary_ success, I think there will be
> some more
> tanks set up in this manner so I can really gut load these
> guys and get away
> from so much necrotic food.

Decap'ing the brine cysts will take care of the hydroids, plus it will make
it easier for the brine to hatch. The dwarf seahores people have been doing
this for years to get rid of hydroids in their batches of hatched BBS. I've
done it a time or two and it's been pretty straight forward. Currently I
haven't had much problem with hydroids since I started hatching BBS 3 weeks
ago after my Banggai cardinal spit the fry out, but that must be the luck of
the draw I guess.

> It looks like this right now...

Get some info up on your website about how you set that tank up. That's
very cool. :)

> -------------------
> "Date Night"
> -------------------
> Yep... All the times I've been out and never run into anything truly
> gross... The first time I get my wife to go out in a _long_
> time where she's
> really excited to be fishin...
> And there's a dead, partially decomposed deer in the stream.
> <sigh>

I can only imagine the look on Sarah's face when she saw that. My wife
woulda freaked out. hehe

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