Re: NANFA-- Filteration system from NANFA 1999

Todd Crail (
Thu, 6 Nov 2003 18:15:14 -0500

I didn't see it on there... It was an Algal Turf Scrubber (ATS) which they
kind popularized for awhile. Looks like that star kinda fell outta the sky.
I hope people figured out caulerpa was ten times better at nutrient uptake
than this overpriced device. I still can't believe that they get $70 for a
detrivore kit with stuff that's there anyway if people would just leave fish
out of their reefs for a few months and then not _have to get_ a frickin'
mandarin meat hunter or something like that.

Use sand substrate with vallisneria, Sajjad... There's no reason to have to
maintain a nutrient load that'll make algae grow. And then, you can pull
your excesses out and get something for it at the LFS (while doing a much
easier "water changes" by pulling plants instead of lifting water). Imagine
showing up with a bucket of algae and trying to get something for it ;)

We're rolling on a year now with the sandbeds (6 systems now), and I'll
_never_ use another substrate again. Now I'm playing with the "tweaks" :)

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> > What was the huge filteration system that was on display
> > in NANFA 1999 (Illinois)? This is the one that BG really
> > likes and that allowed his Pteronotropsis to recover.
> > Little tank inside the tank ... wave action ... algae growth.
> >
> > I need a name or a URL so I can find more info.
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