Re: NANFA-- sand bed and plant "filtration"

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 6 Nov 2003 23:11:58 -0600

My indoor gar pond in the sunroom does not have val in it, hmmm.... I do
however use floating plants of various kinds, hyacinth, water lettuce,
salvini etc. I also have tarro ( elephant ear plant) and floating heart (
banana plant) growing in there currently. I use this pond to winter my gar
over inside. That way they are safe from any winter problems in the gar
river pond. I learned a lesson last year, never trust winter, it is evil.
The water stays crystal clear. To be fair, the water temps are in the high
50's to high 60's all winter, and the rest of the year the pond just has
some plants in it, and most everything is moved back outside.

I do not have substrate, but the mention of Jans gar tanks useing sand and
growing val, just makes me think, maybe I should. The added submerged plants
would help build up more crustaceans and forage base that gar and feeders
for the gar can live off of. Water changes are done over the long haul. I
take out what I need to water plants in the sunroom.

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