RE: NANFA-- Chains on seines
Sat, 8 Nov 2003 13:24:13 -0600

Bruce wrote:
>>>I've been meaning to put a length of light chain on the bottom edge of
of my seine nets for several months, but I've procrastinated because I
wasn't sure what attachment method would work best. Does anyone have any
suggestions for what worked for them in terms of "sewing" a chain to the
bottom edge of a net? The chain I have is a length of light metal links from

a local MegaHardwareGeneralStore (tm), and I'll be putting it on a 10-ft

Jan writes:

A fellow graduate student and I did something like this for collecting in
gravel-cobble bottom streams in the Ozarks. He came up with the idea - not
me - but I have used it since with pretty good success.

We did not use the chain as a "net-sinker" but rather as a "tickler."
Instead of sewing the chain to the bottom of the net, we clipped it to
eyebolts on the bottom of each braile. It was slightly shorter than the
length of the seine, and during use, was pulled ahead of the lead-line,
overturning rocks and LWD ahead of it, and dislodging fish into the pocket
formed by the net. Advantages of this system is that the weight of the
links do not pull on the net (tearing it after long use), and that the seine
can be rapidly transformed for use in different habitats. The chain is
removed for sandy-bottom areas, exchanged for different lengths for
different water velocities, or exchanged for different weights for different
substrate sizes.
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