Re: NANFA-- internet clubs

Todd Crail (
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 15:42:16 -0500

Chris doesn't need to think about anything else :) This could easily be
part of Charlie's section for the reps and really, I think that's all that's
necessary unless _some other_ volunteer would like to take this on and be a
coordinator for getting people hooked up with each other (Maybe under the
title "NANFA Member Contact Coordinator"). Even in this situation, I think
that the volunteer would need to work _with_ Charlie. This is definately
Rep territory and if people are getting missed, that's something we need to
resolve within the Rep program. Not with more paper and postage, and
certainly without adding another program to NANFA.

It amazed me that with 30 or so contacts in Ohio that all had _valid_ email
addresses, the only respondents to my near-spam like efforts this spring to
draw people out of the current NANFA member woodwork in Ohio were the usual
suspects and a single new addition to our usual suspects (who has been a
fantastic addition to the "crew" and I'm very glad I'd made the effort :)
No "Hi", no "Who are you?", no "Leave me alone". While this is in line with
a normal direct marketing statistics (expected return on investment), it
doesn't exactly make jump up and down to spend a bunch of additional money
to duplicate what Bob has found out (and probably coincides with the same

I think the only reason that NANFA could appear to be an "Internet Club" is
because the _active membership_ has found that it's much more conveinent and
less expensive to do their communications over the Internet... Not that a
subsection of NANFA has moved forward and left a large part of the club


> The thought just struck me--perhaps a short article in NANFA acknowledging
> the problem, and advising non-Internet capable NANFA members to contact
> their regional rep/contacts about being added to a phone list. In
> to our e-mail announcements, we could call those few members who express
> interest in going out on a trip.
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